Markup Bazaar

Here you can collaborate on the markup for different pieces of information meant to be recognized as poshZones.

The specification for each type of poshZone is on a separate page as listed below in the index. The spec is meant is constantly evolve with inputs from people like you. A spec consists of the following sections.

  • Usage scenarios
  • Markup
  • Custom scope definition
  • Available user scripts
  • Supporting pages
  • Any other information

The usage scenarios help in understanding the possibilities. They will only become real if an online service provider (bookshop, job portal etc) or a developer creates a user script that realizes the scenario. The markup section is meant to suggest how content authors may annotate their content. If you are a user script developers and need additional info to be marked up in order to perform an action, you can modify the markup with additional optional div or span tags. Finally, if you have developed a user script, please add a link to it under this section.

If you would like to describe a new type of content (poshZone), simply add a page to this wiki.

PoshZone Index

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